Closing the books

And just like that, my time at Universidad Católica del Uruguay is over. I only had two finals this week, and I finished my second one today, so I am officially done with school. That means I am on spring break! Although in three and a half short weeks, that will change in to winter break…

The sun was glorious this past weekend, which certainly made it more difficult to find the motivation to study, but no need to worry; I managed to study quite a bit and enjoy the sun! I have the sunburn to prove it, too.


Tomorrow, I will begin my eight day Argentine adventure with the first stop being Iguazú Falls, and then back to Buenos Aires for a few days. I really couldn’t be more excited!

Some of the other international students are already beginning to return to their home countries, and it’s really starting to hit me how little time I have left in Uruguay. After Argentina, I plan to soak up as much of Montevideo (and the sun!) as I can!

For now, however, I’m off to Argentina!

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