At the end

As my journey abroad comes to an end and I soak in the last little bits of Montevideo, I began thinking about things in Uruguay that I will miss:

La Rambla: The avenue that extends along the entire coast of Montevideo. Especially now during the springtime, the Rambla has been the perfect place to go for an evening walk, right next to the water!

Bizcochos: Basically a common term for a wide range of small pastries.  I have developed an enormous sweet tooth here in Uruguay, all thanks to these little delicacies.

Dulce de leche: Imagine caramel, but creamier. If I could bring back a tub of this stuff, I definitely would!

Mis amigos: Of course, one of my biggest worries about studying abroad was whether or not I would make friends, but this turned out to be no problem. From travelling, to taking classes together, to getting together on the weekends, I will surely miss the great company!

Lastly, although I cannot think of a word to describe it, I will miss the constant opportunity to learn. For the past four months, Spanish has been all around me. When I first arrived, it was hard adjusting to hearing Spanish all the time, and the difficult Uruguayan accent definitely further complicated things. Now, however, I can eavesdrop on a conversation at the bus stop or waiting in line and actually understand the majority of what people are saying. Additionally, I have no problem asking for help or engaging in small talk with people in stores or cafes.

I have always been told that a semester abroad simply isn’t enough time, and that you just begin to become accustomed to everything right as your time abroad is coming to an end, and I definitely believe this now.

My life here in Uruguay is slowly being condensed into three pieces of luggage, and before I know it, I will be back home!

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