Getting into the rhythm of things

Just another day in class! Although having classes in the afternoon is great for my sleeping schedule, it’s not so great when it is nice and sunny outside and you are spending the best time of the day in class. Oh well, at least class is interesting!

Inside the university

Inside the university

Hallway at UCU

Hallway at UCU

Today, August 14th, marked the 45th anniversary of a big protest and rally that happened in 1968 at the Universidad de la República, Uruguay’s biggest public university in Montevideo. I am not exactly clear on what happened, but I think student’s were protesting for better education and teacher salaries. During that time, all of the schools in Montevideo were shut down and tanks and police were called in to try and control the protesters. My literature teacher said that she was in high school when this happened, and her mom drove around Montevideo trying to find her until she was finally able to call her mom and tell her she was safe. In the end, many students died in the protests, so August 14th is a day to commemorate the students and to hold peaceful protests for better education. I tried to read more about this on the Internet, but as my literature teacher told us, it is hard to come across any information about the incident.

After class, a few other students and I walked over to the Universidad de la República to see the march. The entire street in front of the university was filled with people with signs. After about ten minutes, the crowd began walking but I don’t remember where they were walking to. It was a really interesting sight to see, however, the march was heading in the opposite direction of where I needed to be. I managed to get a few photos, though!

20130814_183051          20130814_183106

Only one class tomorrow, and then the weekend again!


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