Back to the old grind

After a relaxing weekend of catching up on sleep, trying some new food, and sampling the local nightlife, it was finally time to start classes.

The international students are given a two week grace period where we are allowed to go to any classes that we might be interested and basically try them out to see if we want to take them. The first class that I wanted to attend did not start until 1:30pm, and I got to the Universidad Católica del Uruguay about forty-five minutes early, so I went to the library for a little bit.

Library at Universidad Católica del Uruguay

Library at Universidad Católica del Uruguay

Finally, at 1:30pm I headed to my first class: “Idioma Español B2”, basically a Spanish language class. Also, I was placed in the more advanced language class, hooray! It is a class with the exchange program, so it was all international students. It seems like it will be a good opportunity to really solidify my grammar skills and practice speaking through a few presentations we will be required to give. The class ended at 3:45pm.

The next class that I went to that I think I am really going to like is called “Pensamiento en América Latina y Uruguay”, which basically seems like it will be a history class about Uruguay. Again, this is a class offered only for international students and is two days a week from 4:30-6pm.

After class, I walked home. For now, I really don’t think I will mind having later classes, especially when the walk home looks like this:


Tomorrow, I am planning on talking to the office that offers of community service to see if there are any opportunities available to help teach English. After that, I am going to attend an exchange student class about Uruguayan literature. No worries though, I am planning on attending a “regular” class with other Uruguayan students on Thursday, just to see how it goes and if it seems like something I would not only be interested in, but something that I would be able to follow and understand.

I guess I should start trying to go to bed earlier, too…


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