On my own now

Orientation began today!

I successfully made it to the university by myself by bus and was able to easily find the classroom. The orientation sessions for the next two days are for all of the international students at the Universidad Católica del Uruguay. There are many students from Germany, Spain, the US (but no one else from Washington!), and also students from France, Belgium, Mexico, Brazil, Italy, and more. Just like any other orientation session, the day began with getting to know one other followed by a quick tour of the university and information sessions regarding extracurricular activities. Tomorrow will be the big day where we register for our classes.

Instead of taking the bus back home, I decided to walk because it was a really nice day out. For now, my plan is to take the bus in the morning and walk back home after classes, weather depending of course. Here is basically what my forty minute walk looks like:


I walk along a major road through the city with lots of cool little shops around

Susana made me a sandwich for lunch which I ate at the park close to where I am living. Once I got back to the home, a nap followed…

After some much needed rest, I decided to go for a walk along the ramblas, which is basically a large walking area next to the beach. This fantastic view is only a five minute walk from the home:


Montevideo at sunset


After returning home before it got too dark, I ate a fantastic meal of chicken, salad, and something similar to an omelette with potato, egg, and corn.


I can’t wait to register for classes and finally get things going. Let’s hope I can stay warm tonight!


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