Hola from Uruguay!

Twenty-two hours, three flights, and too many mishaps later, I have finally arrived at my new home in Montevideo! I’m pretty eager to get to bed, so for now I will just mention some of the day’s highlights…

My host mother, Susana, warmly greeted me at the airport. Unfortunately, one of my bags didn’t make it to Montevideo, so we will have to get it another time…very, very soon, I hope. A taxi drove us about twenty minutes from the airport to the home, which is unlike any home I have ever seen in the states. There is one large door on the street, and then you enter into an outdoor courtyard-type area, and in this area are the different apartments. I am fortunate to have my own spacious, but very cold, room. I’ll upload pictures in the near future.

After a much needed nap, I ate a rice, bean, and corn dish with a soup made with onion, pumpkin, and various other vegetables. Definitely some foods I am not accustomed to eating, but I am trying to be more open and try new dishes.

Susana and I walked around Montevideo during the evening and she kindly pointed out popular restaurants, cafes, shopping areas, and gave me some advice about the city, such as taking a taxi at night and avoiding the park when it gets dark. I guess one of the main hubs of the city is only a ten minute walk from the home, which is very convenient!

Tomorrow, Susana will show me how to use the bus and how to get to my university. I am very excited to be here and to finally begin my new adventure, but for now, I am very ready to curl up in bed, get warm, and get some sleep!


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